Beuy Pro Cesibon 20 Green

Product Code: BPC20-16
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Color: Dark Green
Material: Polyacetal
Hardness: Soft
Length (mm): 176
Purpose: For working with short hair, for clean partings and dry finishing.
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The tooth-tip is finished with a special processing as not damaging scalp. Tooth thickness is thin for smooth combing with appropriate hardness and superior heat resistance/chemical resistance/durability. The product offers the best plastic quality as less shape change and color change. It is also a long-selling product as well-balanced shape, length, and easy-to-use.Strong for heat resistance, chemical resistance, and durability .Less deformation and color change.Well-balanced and easy-to-use. Purpose: for working with short hair, for clean separations and finishing of hair in dry form.

    ColorDark Green
    Length (mm)176
    PurposeFor working with short hair, for clean partings and dry finishing.